Supporting Rape Crisis Midwest

Who Are We? 

Rape Crisis Midwest is a regional organisation providing support and counselling across the Midwest to men and women who have been raped or sexually abused/ assaulted. Our head office is in Limerick, with part-time services also being available in Ennis and Nenagh.

Corporate Support

We work with a cross-section of businesses and companies based in the Midwest including a number of Charity Partners who become involved in a diversity of volunteering opportunities. These opportunities can range from contributing to one-off events to taking on long-term roles within the organisation. We also have Sponsors and Supporters who contribute to our work in a variety of ways, such as, by providing donations, sponsorship and services. 

We view our relationship with our Corporate Supporters as a two-way process which is mutually beneficial.  Corporate Supporters benefit through positive promotional exposure, increased employee satisfaction and enhanced community relationships.

In return, with your help, we are able to raise the profile of the centre, building greater awareness and support within the community. We are further able to avail of fundraising opportunities to ensure the ongoing functioning of the centre itself, as well as to fund specific projects, small or big, carried out here in the Midwest area.

Why Work with us? 

Would your company or business like to work with us? Your staff could benefit from becoming involved in volunteering opportunities, campaigns and promotions, as well as from the training and education we are in a position to offer. Volunteering opportunities for companies and individuals are varied and range in size and form– there really is something for everyone!

If your company is interested in working with us please contact Verena on 

Tax Relief

As of January 1st 2013, changes to the tax relief on donations to charities has been in effect. For more information on these changes click here