Counselling is one way to help the healing process

Counselling with Rape Crisis Midwest takes place in a safe and supportive environment where you can begin to make sense of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. It can also help you to find your own strengths and resources and enable you to find the best way forward. We offer non-directive, non-judgmental support and counselling. At your own pace, you can look at the impact the abuse has had on you and your life. You have control over what you talk about. RCM offers to support you through counselling within an atmosphere of understanding, respect and trust.

All counsellors in the RCM are specially trained to work with survivors of sexual violence. All counsellors receive supervision from a qualified supervisor. Supervision is an essential part of good practice for counsellors; it ensures competent and accountable practices for the client and provides personal support and continuing professional development to the counsellor. The client’s identity is always kept anonymous.

In meeting the needs of survivors, RCM offers a service which is very effective, specialized, experienced, appropriate and accommodating. We have a proven track record. We operate as a voluntary organization and adhere to the philosophy, ethos, principles and traditions of Rape Crisis Centres.

The initial session(s) with us will be to provide you with information and support. It is important to know that the trauma of an assault may have long term effects on your life and that in dealing with and examining these issues you have a right to support. In order to break the isolation imposed by the assault, it can be helpful to have contact with others who acknowledge and validate your experience and how it has affected you.