Do I need to have any special training or skills to volunteer?

No. Appropriate training will be provided for you depending on the area you are volunteering for. However, if you do have training or a skill you think could be beneficial for volunteering here please let us know! All we would ask is that you are non-judgemental and hold the necessary attributes to work in such a sensitive area:  patience, sensitivity, maturity, dependability and so on.

How much of my free time do I have to give up?

This all depends on the area in which you are volunteering for.  Some training can take one day whilst others can take longer. SATU workers are expected to be ‘on call’ 1-3 days a month. Event volunteers may be asked to give a night or two a week to attend meetings on the run up to certain events. You will be able to discuss all of this at the interview stage. We will try to work with you and around your schedule to insure the best outcome for both you and the centre. 

Does volunteering involve any costs?

The majority of training provided at the centre is free. The centre will reimburse reasonable out-of-pocket expenses provided receipts are shown and expenses are kept to a minimum.  This can be discussed further at the interview stage.

Could I just volunteer for a once-off event?

Yes, depending on the event and the nature of your voluntary role. However, this would need to be discussed fully with event coordinators beforehand.

Could I volunteer for two weeks work experience in the centre?

No. Unfortunately this is not possible due to the limited staff members we would not be able to give appropriate time or supervision.

Are you taking on any paid staff or interns?

At the moment we are not taking on any new staff or interns.

Is there anything else I need to know?

By fully reading this information pack at this point there is nothing else you need to know. If a question or issue has arisen that you are unsure about please contact our volunteer coordinator.

How do I apply?

If you wish to lend a hand to a once-off event get in contact with us as soon as possible to discuss this with the event coordinator. You must still fill out an application form but stress it is a once-off event.

If you wish to volunteer on a long-term basis simply fill out the application form (available under Volunteering - How Can I Help? on our website) and send it in to us and we will be in contact with you as soon as we can.

We also hold volunteer open days at our centre 4 times a year (which will be advertised via our website, social media and newsletter), here you can meet with some of the staff, find out more about the centre and voluntary roles, ask any questions you may have, fill out an application form if you wish, all along with some tea and biscuits!