Here at Rape Crisis Midwest, we are always extremely grateful to those who volunteer and aid us throughout the year. Should you be interested in a voluntary role here, there are a number of different positions available. Please find below information about the voluntary roles available. 

SATU (Psychological support worker)

SATU stands for Sexual Assault Treatment Unit. The role of a SATU worker is to attend an FME (forensic medical examination) at University Hospital Limerick with a client who has been raped or sexually assaulted. The SATU worker is there to give the survivor the support they need and to answer any questions they have throughout the examination. Full training is provided and free of charge. Training courses are run several times a year and are typically 8 days spaced out to once a week or once a month depending on the time of year they start. Garda vetting is also required. Once the training is complete, you will be put on the SATU Rota. This is usually 2 nights a month but it can sometimes vary from 1 to 3. The SATU service operates from 7PM-7AM Monday to Thursday and from 7PM Friday all through the weekend until 7AM Monday morning. There are also regular SATU volunteer support meetings held in the centre.

Court accompaniment

If a client has to attend court regarding their rape or sexual assault they are offered someone to accompany them to the court for support if the wish. The training typically happens in a courthouse and the locations and training times/days vary. There is usually only a 1-day training course which takes place a few times a year. Training for court accompaniment is free of charge.  Travel costs are subsidised.


We are always looking for volunteers who can raise funds for the centre. Whether it be getting involved in a flag day, bag packing or church gate collection. We hold collections like this regularly throughout the year (as fundraising is vital to keep the centre open) in various areas across Limerick, Clare and Tipperary.  There is no training required for this, just honesty, patience and warm clothes! Rape Crisis Midwest goes through all appropriate channels before any collection goes ahead.


Rape Crisis Midwest holds a number of different fundraising events every year.  The volunteers needed for this would vary depending on their skills, profession and connections. For any event we would need volunteers to do a variety of things such as: take money on the door, sell tickets, help us advertise and organise the event, and decorate the venue. These are to name but a few! Our big annual event is our Ultimate Quiz Night held in Thomand Park, this year we will need a lot of volunteers in the hope of making it even bigger and better than last year.


To become a volunteer counsellor with Rape Crisis Midwest you must complete our counselling course. This is an intensive but enjoyable course, where you will meet some wonderful and like-minded people. There is a cost to this training. You are also required to attend a number of hours of personal development (see a counsellor yourself), RCM unfortunately unable to pay for or provide these sessions. Once you complete the course you will be qualified to provide free counselling to clients of Rape Crisis Midwest and are asked to do this for a minimum of 2 years. You will be required to attend a separate interview with the course facilitators before you will be considered. All welcome, if interested please phone our centre on 1800 311511.

SAYIT (Educational programme)

The SAYIT (formally SPACE) programme is relatively new to Rape Crisis Midwest so we are still ‘working out the kinks’. This ½ day interactive presentation is given to the transition year students of a few secondary schools in the area. As the programme grows, we hope that the number of schools involved will also grow. The training for this programme consists of 1 – 2 days where you will be shown the SAYIT presentation and given a specific role for when it is being administered to the children. You will also be required to attend 2 or 3 of the school presentations per school year. The first one you attend you will just be watching to see how it is done.  Training for SAYIT is free of charge.

If a voluntary role here is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1800 311511 or