Testimonials from some of our volunteers:

General Volunteering:

‘Volunteering for Rape Crisis Midwest is an incredibly fulfilling experience as they provide a vital support service for my local community. It has give me the opportunity to work with kind and passionate people as well as to learn and develop new skills.’ – Lorna


'I have been a volunteer with Rape Crisis Midwest since 2010. When I was given the opportunity to intern there three years ago, I jumped at the chance. The staff were friendly and approachable and they welcomed me with open arms. I was given as much support as I needed and also encouraged to start new projects, so in 2014 Walk in Her Shoes was born, the first of a now annual Rape Crisis Midwest event. I really enjoyed my time at Rape Crisis Midwest and I learned a great deal. When my time was up I was sad to leave the centre, but I still have regular contact with the staff and I continue to volunteer for them as much as I can.' Yvonne 


‘I have been volunteering with the SATU unit for about 3 years now. To be with someone in a time of crisis, and know you make such a difference, is incredibly rewarding. The training we received was fantastic - I learned so much in such a short time, not only about sexual crimes and the work of the Centre, but also about myself.  I have met some fantastic people through my volunteer work, and really value both their friendship and support, and also the continued support of the centre.’ – Jayne

Court Accompaniment:

I have been involved with Rape Crisis Midwest since 2011, and one of the most beneficial parts of this involvement for me was the opportunity to attend the RCNI court accompaniment training. Court accompaniment is an experience which can seem daunting at first but the full-day training we received was more than enough to assuage any concerns and answer any questions we had. Every aspect of court accompaniment was covered in an understandable, accessible manner, from familiarisation with the court environment (the training even took place in a courtroom at the Central Criminal Court!) and legal procedures, right down to how best to support a survivor in the presence of their perpetrator. In my opinion, this training is a valuable tool in dealing with Rape Crisis Midwest's clients in any respect - even if you never actually accompany someone to a hearing.’ – Hazel