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Government launch "No Excuses" campaign

The Department for Justice and Equality has launched a major national awareness campaign on sexual harassment and sexual violence called ‘no excuses’. The series of adds features an example of sexual harassment or sexual violence accompanied by some of the excuses which people often use to excuse such behaviour when they see it.


Speaking at the launch of the ‘No Excuses’ campaign, Minister Flanagan said: “Research has shown that Ireland suffers from disturbingly high levels of sexual harassment and sexual violence. These ads highlight and help people recognise these behaviours and the many precursors to them. They call on us to reflect on and question our own reactions and to stop excusing sexual harassment and sexual violence.  We want the campaign to provoke us all to ask: ‘Just what is our attitude to sexual harassment and sexual violence? Are we tolerating it? Are we excusing it?’ And if we are, even if we are doing so only at the lower stages, are we facilitating a culture in which it is really hard for victims to be heard, to be helped, to be supported.”


A link to the campaign can be found here